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 Pail Opener for Commercial Kitchen

(updated for 2024)

Lets briefly discuss if a pail opener for commercial kitchen is a worthwhile investment and where to get this tool.

Why do you need a pail opener?

As the restaurant or cafe owner, you are most likely purchasing pickles and sauce not in jars but in pails. You probably are buying a lot of different dried goods in 5-gallon buckets too.

And those pails are a pain to open. A lot of employees, especially women, struggle with this task.

You can avoid aggravation,save a lot of valuable time and energy, and also protect fingers from being hurt or nails from being broken by buying an inexpensive and handy tool – a pail opener.


How to use a pail opener?

A pail opener is used for opening and resealing food storage pails.

As you pry the lid with this tool around the pail it cuts and lifts the lid with the help of two grips. When you need to put the lid back and seal the food storage bucket tight -the built-in hammer head will help you with this task.


How to choose the best pail opener?

The metal pail openers are the best because they do not get broken like plastic ones do. Also, unlike a plastic tool, the metal pail openers have an integrated hammer.

Try to get a pail opener with a longer handle, because it will give you better leverage that will make bucket opening easy.


Where to buy a pail opener?

The best places to get a pail opener are restaurant supplies stores: KaTom,  Kerekes Kitchen and Restaurant Supply,   and Amazon (scroll down to comparison tables to see your choices). 

If you are using goods in glass or plastic jars and need just a jar opener for your bistro or food truck, please read the article on top 5 jar openers, I am sure you can find there a gadget that will fit your business needs.

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The comparison tables that follow list pail openers that will serve you perfectly if you run a commercial kitchen. The faded out text shows what feature is not available in the particular tool.

(Disclosure:  the links in the tables are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase an item through a link, I may earn a commission (at absolutely no extra cost to you).  I make my recommendations based on thorough  research and/or personal experience. I only recommend products that I truly believe in. You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

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