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Electric can openers are a great choice for people with arthritis or weak hands, or for those that need to open quite a few cans daily, like pet owners.🐕

But how to pick the best can opener that will fit your needs among numerous choices?

Let’s simplify our task.

When you are shopping for an electric can opener you should know that there are  

two types of electric can openers on the market: 

  • free standing (corded), and 
  • battery operated (also often called automatic, one touch, or hands free).

Get a free standing can opener if you have  countertop space close to an electric outlet and if you use a can opener often.

If you are limited only to drawer space – the battery operated can opener is the way to go.

In this post we will give recommendations for corded free standing can openers (those that need to be plugged into an electric outlet to work). 

If you are interested in battery operated can openers, please read our recommendation for Best hands free can openers.

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Let’s move on.

Types of free standing electric can openers

There are two types of electric corded can openers: those that cut can on the top, and those that cut can on the side.

A can opener that makes a cut from the side of the can is

  • safe (doesn’t leave sharp edges)
  • sanitary (a cutting wheel doesn’t touch food).

The cutting wheel of an electric can opener that cuts into the lid from the top of the can touches the food. If the opener is not cleaned after each use it can lead to cross-contamination. 

Among the top cutting free standing electric can openers, you should consider buying only those that have an easy to clean detachable cutting lever.

So, now you are equipped with the needed basic knowledge to make an educated buying decision.🙂


Top 3 electric can openers (for 2022):

Our top recommendation in the best electric (free standing, corded) can opener category are:

1.Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Can opener 

This useful kitchen tool has been rated as the best smooth edge electric can opener a few years in a row. It’s safe and sanitary, and easy to operate and maintain. This opener makes a perfect gift for any occasion, especially for people with arthritis.

Amazon often runs out of this can opener. You can wait till it’s back in stock or alternatively get it from Walmart online.


2. Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener 

We like its stylish high-end look, detachable cutting mechanism for easy cleaning, solid wide base, strong magnet that won’t drop cans, and 3 year warranty.

3. Safety Can Express (as seen on TV) by BulbHead

This is another electric can opener that eliminates sharp lid edges and makes an excellent choice when you are shopping for a freestanding electric can opener. It’s a quality device that is easy to operate: just place the can (powerful magnet locks your can in place so it won’t fall during the can opening process) and press the button down. This can opener can be operated by one hand, if needed.

Any of the mentioned electric can openers can be a great choice depending on your preferences.  They are all made of stainless steel, will not rust, are easy to operate, and are highly rated by consumers.

Feel free to compare the openers features at a glance in the following tables:

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch electric can opener

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch electric can opener

– cuts can on the side, creates smooth edge;

– well made;

– easy and safe to operate;

– rust resistant;

– sanitary;

– stylish;

– easy to clean;

–  opens cans and pop-top cans;

– 1 year warranty


Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Electric Can Opener

– cuts can on the top;

– well made;

– easy to operate;

– will not rust;

-BPA free;

– latches cans securely;

– strong magnet will not drop the can;

– removable activation lever for easy cleanup;

– opens any  standard size can;

– 3 years warranty


Electric can opener (as seen on TV)

Safety Can Express Smooth Edge (as seen on TV) by BulbHead

– cuts can on the side;

– well made;

– easy to operate;

– safe (creates smooth edge);

– sanitary (blade doesn’t touch the food);

– lids can be reused for storing opened cans in the fridge;

– opens  any can, even odd-shaped cans and pop-top cans



If you want to check out manufacturers instructions and manuals of listed openers before making a choice on which one to purchase, visit our  Resources section.


Other highly rated electric can openers to consider:

AmazonBasics Electric Can Opener offers automatic shutoff, which means it will stop by itself when the lid is cut off. It’s made of plastic and very reasonably priced. This can opener comes in white, black or red color to match your kitchen decor.

Hammacher Schlemmer The Superior appliance is solidly built and promises lifetime warranty.


Electric can openers make the perfect gift

Have you ever had trouble deciding which present to get for a wedding, holiday or birthday?

A stylish electric can opener makes a useful and memorable gift.

Check out our recommended selection of stylish can openers in Can Opener Gift Guide


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Final thoughts on electric corded can openers

Electric can opener is a useful kitchen device that makes life for people with arthritis and weak hands much easier.

There are free standing electric corded and battery operated can openers. Free standing electric can openers need to be plugged into an electric outlet to work.

There are two kinds of electric corded can openers – the ones that cut cans on the top, and the safety can openers that cut cans on the side.  If you are shopping for a safety corded electric can opener (the one that eliminates sharp lid edges) then Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch can opener is your top choice.

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