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Best Commercial Can Openers

(updated for 2024)

  • Who makes the best commercial can openers?

  • Where to buy them?

  • Should they be NSF listed?

  • And do I really need one?

These are the questions that you ask yourself as a small (or large) business owner. I promise that it will take you 3 minutes to read this article and get all the answers.

Let’s start with the last question first. smile

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Do I  need a commercial can opener?

The rule of thumb is: if you are opening more than 25 cans per day, and some of them are taller than 7″ you should think about getting a commercial can opener because it will save you time and energy.


3 types of commercial can openers

There are three types of can openers suitable for commercial use:

  1. manual
  2. electric
  3. crown punch.

Which one is best for you depends on how many cans per day you need to open and how large those cans are.

Read the basics about all can opener types in Different Kinds of Can Openers


Who makes the best commercial can openers?

Heavy duty manual can openers are made by Garde, Nemco, Vollrath, and Edlund. Edlund also makes commercial electric can openers and crown punch can openers.

All heavy duty manual can openers are table mounted. They consist of a long bar (13-25″) that is inserted in the base that screws down to a tabletop. A large handle on the top of the opener requires only a few turns to open the can.   The can opener’s blade assembly is usually simple to remove allowing you to clean it by hand or in the dishwasher, or replace the parts when they have worn out.

All manual heavy duty can openers cut the can on the top with exception of the Nemco brand that makes some side cutting smooth edge safety can openers.

Garde and Edlund have a melonite arbor coating that prevents rust.

Some Vollrath openers have an antibacterial coating on the blade to reduce bacterial growth between cleanings

Edlund, Nemco are made in the USA.

Warranty on manual commercial can openers ranges from 1 to 2 years.

Check out manufacturers’ instructions and warranty information in our Resources section.

Prices for manual heavy duty can openers are in the range $60-$460.  The top choice commercial can openers featured in the comparison tables range from just under $100 for a good choice to more than $300 for the best one.


Should I get an NSF listed can opener?

First of all, what is NSF?

NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) International is an independent third-party certification body that tests and certifies products to verify they meet public health and safety standards.

Why should you look to buy  NSF certified or NSF listed commercial openers?

Because your food inspectors and customers will love it!smile It ensures that your can opener meets food safety standards: the product is constructed in a sanitary manner, and from food safe materials. In the NSF’s own words “Choosing a product certified by NSF lets you know the company complies with strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF.” (Read more about NSF certification here).

All Nemco and Vollrath heavy duty manual can openers are NSF listed. The majority of Edlund can openers are NSF listed as well. (unfortunately, Edlund manual can openers Old Reliable #1 and #2 are not NSF listed).


Where to buy a commercial can opener?

Most of the openers sold by small vendors, and I suspect by some manufacturers directly, for example Edlund, are available on Amazon.

Other places to get a commercial can opener online are restaurant supply stores like KaTom Restaurant Supply, (customer focused, great prices), Central Restaurant, Webstaurant Store, Hubert, and Kerekes Kitchen and Restaurant Supply. These stores offer competitive prices, lots of helpful information to make an educated choice, and some of them – free shipping.

Best can opener for food truck owners

If you are running a small business, like a food truck or little bistro, where there is no room on the prep table or countertop for a heavy-duty manual can opener to be attached, your best option will be to get a Swing-a-Way Easy Crank commercial hand-held can opener that features a large crank handle for leverage and easy operation and is able to open any size of can. Or you can buy Swing -a-Way wall can opener and mount it to the wall.

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swing-a-Way can opener - wall mount

3 best manual commercial can openers

And now compare the best manual heavy duty can openers suitable for commercial application in the tables below.

A click on the image will take you to the KaTom Restaurant Supply or Webstaurant store where you can purchase the featured can opener, a click on the button will bring you to the Amazon product page, where you can purchase the same can opener or compare its price with KaTom store.

Note that the faded out text in the tables shows what features are not available in the particular opener.

best commercial can opener
best commercial can opener -Vollrath Redco
Best commercial can openers

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Best commercial can openers