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 Best Can Openers for Arthritis/Elderly

(updated for 2023)

The best type of can opener to own for people with arthritis or weak hands would be one that requires as little strength as possible to operate. So, obviously, the best can openers for arthritis and elderly are electric freestanding and hands-free battery operated can openers, because the machine is doing the work for you.

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The drawbacks of the freestanding electric can openers are that they need electricity to work and take too much space on the countertop.

The battery operated can openers need a frequent change of batteries and have the least satisfaction among users with their ability to open cans.

Also, both types of electric can openers are noisy.

You should be aware that electric can openers take the lid completely off the can, so there is no way to drain the liquid from the can while food is still in it (like draining the water from tuna). To be able to do this – you will need a manual can opener that cuts the lid on the top.

If you are leaning toward a manual can opener, the best idea is to get one with a large, cushy, and oversized knob that is easy to turn. A manual can opener for arthritis should also have cushy, longer handles for better grip and leverage.

OXO company has a line of Good Grips can openers that are reported as easy to operate by people with arthritis. They offer a model that cuts cans on the top  – Soft Handled Can Opener, and a side cutting model that is safe (leaves smooth edge on the can and on the lid), sanitary ( the cutting wheel doesn’t touch the food) and easy to maintain (no need to clean after each use since the wheel doesn’t touch the food) – Oxo Good Grips Smooth Edge.

The comparison tables that follow list the best can openers that will serve you perfectly if you have arthritis or weak hands. The faded out text shows what features are not available in the particular opener.

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