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The following list  presents the best can openers: top performers  in 5 most popular categories:

1) manual  can opener – rotary style, cuts can on the top,

2) manual  can opener – rotary style, cuts can on the side (smooth edge),

3) electric can opener – top cutter,

4) electric  can opener – side cutter,

5) manual can opener with no moving parts.

Check them out and get one for your home!

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*This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase any of the products I have recommended, I may receive a commission at no cost to you. 

manual can opener, top cutting

Watch OXO SteeL in action!

OXO SteeL Can Opener

(Manual, cuts the lid on the top)

I have owned an OXO SteeL can opener for 12 years and it is still as good as new.

The large knob helps to open cans with ease, which makes this opener suitable for people with arthritis.  This device is well made: the blades and handles are stainless steel. Because it not fully made of stainless steel – you should not put it into a dishwasher though, just rinse and wipe it after use. Mine never got rusty.

Read more about a simple way to care for your manual top cutter can opener here.

Overall it is a great performer and if I would have to get a new manual can opener – I would buy this one again. Also, OXO lifetime guarantee sweetens the deal. Did I mention that it has a built-in bottle opener?

Negative points are the same as for all can openers that cut the lid on the top: the cutting wheel may touch the food, leaves sharp lid edge, and needs cleaning after each use.

But I like to have a manual top cutter can opener for speedy food preparation: it makes draining the liquid from the can without the strainer super easy. I just do not cut the lid all the way around, turn the can upside down to drain the fluid (luckily, OXO SteeL latches to the can strongly and safely) and beans are ready to go into the pot or tuna to the salad. You cannot do that with a manual safety or electric opener, that is why a manual top cutter is a “must have” in the kitchen for a cook.


(Manual, rotary style, cuts lid from the side)

Highly rated by reviewers.  Smooth and effortless operation. Lifetime warranty

Made entirely of 18/10 stainless steel.  Dishwasher safe.

Leaves smooth edge after cutting on the lid and on the rim.

Integrated pliers can be used to lift the lid. Then lid can be reused for storage.

Sanitary – the cutting wheel never touches food.

Stylish and elegant. Makes a wonderful gift for any occasion.

The complaint is the same as with all side cutters – they do not last as long as top cutters. Because the safety-style openers cut through the thicker part of the can – it wears out the cutting wheel sooner. Their average useful life is only 2-3 years.

But if safety, sanitation, and low maintenance are your top priorities, then you should splurge on this beautifully crafted tool. And with the lifetime warranty  offered by Rosle – you can not go wrong buying it.

smooth edge can openers
best can openers : top 5
best can openers : top 5
Superior electric can opener

CUISINART Electric Can Opener

(Electric, cuts the can on the top)

The Cuisinart electric can opener operates quietly and efficiently, swiftly opening cans. It securely latches onto the can and boasts a powerful magnet that prevents accidental drops. Additionally, its sturdy construction ensures it remains stable even when handling heavy cans. The activation lever is easily removable for cleaning and is dishwasher safe.

This can opener is a practical choice for individuals with limited hand strength. Moreover, it adds an element of aesthetic appeal, making it a striking addition to your countertop alongside your stainless steel appliances. The Cuisinart electric can opener also makes for an elegant gift.

Cuisinart offers a 3-year limited warranty for this can opener.

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener

(Electric, side cutter, smooth edge)

Hamilton Beach smooth touch can opener tops the list of the best freestanding electric smooth edge safety can openers a few years in a row. 

Hamilton Beach electric side cutter is a highly rated product and a  best seller in electric can openers category on Amazon (at the time of writing this article).

As all can openers that cut the can from the side, it is safe and sanitary,  because the wheel doesn’t touch the food and does not get dirty. It holds cans securely and is easy to maintain and operate, which makes the Hamilton Beach smooth touch electric can opener  a useful device for people with arthritis and weak hands.

As a nice bonus – a pair of scissors is included when you buy this can opener.

The only thing that I do not like about this opener – it comes with just a 1 year of limited manufacturer warranty.

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch electric can opener
best can openers : top 5

Japanese Can Opener (Ganji Kankiri)

(Manual, no moving parts, cuts can on the top)

Ganji Kankiri (Japanese can opener) is a good candidate to take along with you on vacation, picnic,  or to keep in an emergency kit. Also, it can be used as a back up can opener if your other devices fail to cut through the can, or if you own an electric corded can opener and the electricity is out. Actually if you don’t open cans very often – this can opener might be the only gadget you need.

The Ganji Kankiri is made in Japan. it is sturdy,  compact, reliable and cuts smoothly. The blade is sharp, thick, made of stainless steel and will not bend.  Overall it is a solidly built device. It also opens bottles.

It is surprisingly easy to use for a can opener with no moving parts . Ganji Kankiri has a  built-in guide, that helps to keep the opener at the correct angle.  Also, the large handle gives good leverage.  And it’s a breeze to clean – just rinse and wipe with a paper towel, there are no many crevices to catch food like in manual rotary top cutters.

This manual can opener is a great tool all around, but I would not recommend it to the people with weak hands.

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Best Can Openers: top 5 for 2022