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In this section, I’ve categorized jar openers based on special and individual needs. Each article features the best rated jar openers that are most suited for a specific category, giving you the opportunity to find a suitable jar opener that meets your requirements.

Simply click on the link below that corresponds to your needs, and you will be taken to a dedicated article where you can browse and purchase the jar opener of your choice.



– for commercial use 

– for travelers 

– for seniors, people with arthritis or weak wrists

– for one-handed operation

– budget friendly


If you want to learn more about best rated jar openers by type, choose the link in the list:

Top 5 jar openers 

Best manual jar openers

Best one touch jar openers (battery operated and corded electric)


Read the basics about jar opener types in Jar Opener Buying Guide.

If you crave even for more information about jar openers,  search our blog for jar opener articles.

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Top Rated Jar Openers by Specific Needs