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Best Budget Friendly jar openers

(updated for 2024)


If you are searching for the best budget friendly jar opener that is functional and easy to use, your best bet will be to pick one among three manual jar opener types: the gripper, handheld or under the cabinet jar openers.

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1. Rubber grippers

rubber grippers are best budget friendly jar openers

Two thin Prepwork jar openers: round and square.

You can get grippers like the Prepworks set made by Progressive International at a very reasonable price.

The set consists of two thin rubber grippers and a red cone heavier gripper.

The thin grippers can be used in tandem to ease the strain on both hands while opening jars. You can place the round green gripper under the jar to prevent it from slipping on the kitchen counter and use the blue rectangular one over the lid to assist the hand that opens the lid. 

The red cone gripper is ideal for unscrewing stubborn bottle caps or narrow jars.

2. OXO Good Grips – handheld jar opener

The most functional and cost-effective handheld jar opener is hands down the OXO Good Grips with Base Pad tool.

Its design to some degree resembles under counter jar openers because it has steel teeth positioned on the V-shaped pad that allows OXO’s opener to grab the lid strongly. It slides over the bottle cap or jar lid until the teeth “bite” into the lid, in other words – it adjusts to any size of cap and lid  3/4 – 4 inch in diameter.

The base pad that comes with the OXO Good Grips opener should be placed under the jar in order to grasp the jar bottom, prevent it from sliding on the table and assist the hand that holds the jar.

This manual opener is well made, dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime warranty.


3. The Grip  under cabinet jar opener

Your third choice for a jar opener that really works but will not break the bank is the under cabinet The Grip jar opener.

The Grip under cabinet opener looks like a white plastic disk with V-shaped indentation and 2 rows of metal teeth that grab the jar or bottle as you slide it toward v point. You can hold the jar with both of your hands while turning the jar to open lids.

This opener is also suitable for one-handed operation.

The Grip jar opener very much reminds me of my favorite EZ Off jar opener but at a slightly cheaper price. It’s made in the USA and features two rows of hardened metal teeth that can grab and open any size of bottle or jar.

The Gripjar opener comes with screws and adhesive sticker, and the manufacturer says that it is enough to peel the adhesive and stick the opener under your cabinet or shelf without the screws. Easy-peasy! But 3 screws are provided in case you want extra security.


Final thoughts on the best budget-friendly jar openers

Although all 3 budget-friendly openers ease the strain on hands and take the frustration out of jar opening tasks, the best choice for people with arthritis and elderly would be the The Grip under cabinet jar opener because it allows using the strength of both hands to open jar.

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If your eyes are set on electric jar opener – it is unlikely that you will find a functional tool for a really low cost. Your best bet will be a battery operated Robo Twist as seen on TV model. Read more about this opener and other automatic jar openers in One touch jar openers article.

In the comparison tables below you can see the features of 3 best budget friendly jar openers. Pick one that you like the most.

Note. The faded out text in the tables shows what features are not available in the particular opener.

Best budget friendly jar openers
best manual jar openers
under cabinet jar opener
best budget friendly jar openers

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