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We have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of smooth edge can openers in Can Opener Buying Guide.

Lets quickly recap.

The positive points of a smooth edge can opener are:

  • safety (leaves smooth edge after the lid is cut),
  • sanitation (blade doesn’t come in contact with the food),
  • easy care (just wipe with a towel after use).

The drawback is that these gadgets do not last long in comparison with manual can openers because they cut through the thick part of the can which wears them out quickly.

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2 types of smooth edge can openers

Smooth edge can openers can be the manual or electric type.

Electric safety can openers are primarily battery operated.

Battery operated can openers that leave a smooth edge after cutting cans do not appear on the top 3 list because they are not as good performers as manual smooth edge openers.

The biggest complaints about hands free can openers are that they require frequent change of the batteries, are very loud and, sometimes, are not able to open a can. (Read more information about battery operated can openers in:  Best hands-free can openers.)

The only well known smooth edge electric can opener that plugs into an electric outlet is Hamilton Beach SmoothTouch. Though I don’t like that it comes with just a 1-year manufacturer warranty, this device still appears on the list of best 3 smooth edge openers because it is a great choice for people with arthritis and weak hands that want to have safety can opener.

Safety (smooth edge) can openers: top performers

It was hard to pick the winners among manual safety can openers because quite a few are good, for example:

Safe Cut Can opener by Good Cook,

OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge,

Starfrit Mightican Manual Can Opener

Fissler Magic  Smooth Edge Can Opener.

But I am most comfortable recommending  Kuhn Rikon  5-in-1  Ultimate Auto Safety Openebecause it is highly rated,  Swiss designed  multi-tool.

And I love Rosle because it comes with lifetime warranty.  Additionally, it is a beautiful tool that is a pleasure to use and to own. Rosle smooth edge stainless steel can opener makes a truly elegant gift.

Both suggested models (Kuhn Rikon and Rosle) feature built-in pliers that are used to pick the lid after the can is opened.

Please, compare featured models side-by-side in the tables below and choose one that fits your needs.

Kuhn Rikon Ultimate 5-in-1 Auto Safety Opener

– well made

– easy to operate (self attaching design)

– safe (creates smooth edge);

– sanitary (blade doesn’t touch the food);

– use push button to grab and lift the lid with built-in pliers ;

– multifunctional ( 5 tools in 1: can pull tabs, crown caps: screw bottle tops and jar lids);

– easy to maintain: wipe with a dry towel

– 2 year warranty

Hamilton Beach SmoothTouch 76607 Electric Can Opener

– well made;

– easy to operate;

– safe (creates smooth edge);

– sanitary (blade doesn’t touch the food);

– opens any size of standard and pop up cans;

– easy to maintain: just wipe blade with damp cloth;

– comes with scissors  (model  76606Z with no scissors);

– 1 year warranty


Rosle Stainless Steel Manual Can Opener with Pliers Grip

– cuts can on the side;

– made entirely of 18/10 stainless steel;

– will not rust

– easy to operate, glides smoothly on the can;

– safe (create smooth edge);

– sanitary – cutting mechanism completely sealed;

– integrated pliers to lift the lid;

– opens any size of the can;

– dishwasher safe;

– lifetime warranty

smooth edge can openers

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