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BEST JAR OPENERS: TOP 5 (updated for 2024)


The best jar openers reviews will introduce you to the top performers in the following jar opener categories:

1) electric corded jar opener (one touch);

2) electric  battery operated jar opener (one touch);

3) manual jar opener – under cabinet;

4) manual jar opener – handheld;

5) jar gripper.

When looking for the best jar openers I tried to choose those that

  • make jar opening job simple and easy
  • lessen the strain on both hands.

Jar openers are listed from the best  to good (judged by the ease of jar opening), and consequently from the most expensive to easily affordable. This way you can make a choice depending on your needs and your budget.

Jar openers listed in electric corded, electric battery operated and under cabinet categories are a perfect choice for elderly, people with arthritis and weak hands and also suitable for one-handed operation.

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best jar openers: top 5


(electric, corded) 

Black and Decker Lids Off electric corded jar opener plugs into the standard electric outlet. This device opens regular and vacuum style screw top jars made of any material. It works on jars up to 4.5 inches wide and 8″ tall.

In order to use Lids Off JW275, you need to raise the upper body of the jar opener, place the jar on the turntable, lower the top of the device till it touches the lid and then press and hold the “handle” (the dome-like silver top of the device) until you hear a pop sound or around 10 seconds if you are reopening  the jar. 

Watch a short YouTube video in my Best Jar Opener for Arthritic Hands article to see Lids Off JW 275 in action.

Also, view Black and Decker Lids Off user manual in Resources section.

Lids Off is well made, easy to operate and opens jars effortlessly.

The negative points of this opener: it is pricey and the manufacturer warranty lasts just 1-year.

Lids Off jar opener is the best choice for people with arthritis and weak hands. It makes a perfect, functional and useful gift for the elderly parents.

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Robotwist AUTOMATIC Jar Opener

(Electric, battery operated)

RoboTwist Deluxe one touch jar opener works on 2 AA batteries which are not included with the device. It designed to open glass jars with screw on lids 1.2 -3.5″ in diameter.

RoboTwist has 2 sets of jaws: one that grips the jar, and another one that grabs and opens the lid. To operate this gadget you’ll need to place it over the lid  and press the button. Then you’ll have to press it again after the machine opens the jar in order to allow  this opener to let go of the jar and lid. So, essentially, it is not one touch jar opener but more like 2 -touch jar opener smile but still pretty easy to use.

Because it’s so easy to operate, Besmon electric jar opener is a useful device to have for people with arthritis, weak hands, or elderly. It also allows opening a jar with just one hand.

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Some drawbacks to consider: it takes this tool a long time (20-60 seconds) to open a lid. During this time the opener makes a loud whiny noise which might irritate you. The manufacturer does not recommend using this opener on plastic jars, for example, you will not be able to open a mayonnaise jar with it

one touch jar openers
best manual jar openers
EZ Off jar opener


(Manual, under counter)

The winner of the under counter jar opener category is the  EZ Off jar opener.  After I bought this opener my search for a “jar opener that will allow me to open a jar of pickles without help from my husband” was

As you can see on the photo – it looks like a big plastic disk with V-shaped indentation and 2 rows of metal teeth on one side of the V. You need to slide the bottle or jar as far as it can go in the V indentation. The teeth will grab the lid securely. All that you need to do is to twist while holding the jar with one or both hands. It accommodates lids up to 6″ in diameter.

The opener does not take counter or drawer space in the kitchen. It is out of sight, attached securely under the cabinet or cupboard with provided screws.

EZ Off jar opener is made in the USA and offers a lifetime warranty.

It is perfect for people with weak hands, arthritis, and seniors (as long as they can raise their hands to the under cabinet level) and suitable for one-handed operation.

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Best manual jar openers


(Manual, handheld)

Top choice for the handheld manual jar openers category is the Oxo Good Grips Jar Opener with Base Pad. It was chosen as a top performer because it reduces the strain on both hands and allows you to open jars easily. The base pad that comes with the opener grips jar on the bottom and the opener itself grips the lid with stainless steel metal teeth. This way OXO Good Grips jar opener provides assistance in holding the jar and turning the lid.

OXO Good Grips jar opener as the name implies features comfortable non-slip and easy to grip handle that provides good leverage.

 The design of the opener allows it to open cap or lid from 3/4″ to 4″ in diameter. It adjusts to the size of the lid or cap by simply sliding the opener on the top of the bottle or jar until it stops and metal teeth grip the lid. The arrow on the opener shows in which direction to twist the handle.

The gadget comes with the base pad that should be placed on the counter under the jar to prevent it from slipping and add stability thus helping the hand that holds the jar.

This jar opener is easy to maintain. OXO Good Grips is dishwasher safe. The base pad that comes with it should be washed by hand.

As all OXO products, it carries OXO’s “satisfaction guarantee”.

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 Also, check out Manufacturers’ warranty policies in Resources section.

If you are a person with strong hands who needs assistance occasionally to open a stuck jar then the OXO Good Grips jar opener most likely will be sufficient for all your jar opening needs. If your hands are weak – you can get this opener to take along on trips. But for everyday use,  three openers that were mentioned previously will fit your situation better. 

best jar openers: top 5
manual jar opener
best jar openers - top 5

Prepworks Jar grippers set

(manual, assist your hands in better grip)

This set of 3 rubber grippers made by Progressive International, contains 2 very thin grippers: round and rectangular, and a red thicker cone-shaped gripper. The set is highly rated and well priced.

I really like that the two grippers are very thin because thin material provides you with a stronger grip on wider lids (in comparison with thick silicone grippers) which makes jar opening easier.

The red cone-shaped ribbed rubber gripper is ideal for opening bottles and narrow jars.

It is a good idea to place one of the thin rubber grippers on the counter under the jar that needs to be opened to prevent the jar from turning and slipping. Alternatively, the hand that holds the jar can grasp it using thin gripper.

The other gripper should be placed on the lid to help the hand used for lid opening.

This set is great for most people when they need occasional assistance with jar opening. Also, being small and lightweight, this gripper is a great choice to take along on trips. Though it gives a good grip – I would not recommend relying only on this gripper to assist in jar opening for people with weak hand or arthritis. 

Final Thoughts on 5 Top Jar Openers

Here you have it – 5 best jar openers on the market that will make your jar opening tasks simple and easy and lessen strain on both hands.

People with arthritis will be happiest with the EZ Off under cabinet jar opener or one of the electric type jar openers:  the Hamilton Beach battery operated Open Ease or the Black and Decker electric corded  Lids Off.

Prepworks rubber grippers and OXO jar openers are compact and can be taken along on trips.

EZ Off and OXO Good Grips provide a lifetime warranty.

You will be satisfied with any of these openers if you pick one fitting to your needs and budget. 

Best Jar Openers Reviews