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Best Left-Handed Can Openers

(updated for 2024)

Do you know that 10% of the world (according to Huffington Post) and 13% of the USA population is left-handed? But seems like all kitchen gadgets are made for right-handed people.

If you are a left-handed individual, how would you open a can?

Sure you can use electric freestanding or hands-free battery operated can openers.

They have some drawbacks though: stand-alone can openers take too much counter space, the battery operated ones use up batteries quickly and don’t work very well. Not to mention that both types are loud.

What about ambidextrous can openers?

They are suitable, but in order to use them, the thumbwheel needs to be turned toward you, which some people find awkward and uncomfortable.

Though a lot of lefties are pleased with Starfrit can opener that is designed for both right and left handed users. If you are interested – click on this link, scroll down and read their reviews.

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So, are there any true left-handed manual can openers on the market?

Left handed can openers: best performers

After meticulous research I was able to find some  manual can openers that are truly made for left-handed individuals:

1. Kim Nogent Classic Mini metal left handed tin can opener is a type of manual can opener that does not have moving parts. (Read about 15 can opener types)

Its small size also makes this gadget perfect as a camping/traveling can opener for left-handed people.

This can opener is made in France and guaranteed for life.

Take a close look at the Mini Kim can opener in YouTube video made by Louis Houng:

A  close-up look at Nogent Mini Kim manual can opener with no moving parts.  It shows the right-handed version, but the left-handed version is available for purchase. You can clearly see “100% made in France. Lifetime guarantee”.


2. Left Handed manual can opener  by Lefty’s the Left Hand store is made to hold by your right hand while twisting the knob with your stronger left hand. It rotates counterclockwise and is very convenient and intuitive for lefties to use.


3. Monopol Safety Left can opener is built specially for left-handed people.  In order to use it – you need to place the opener on the left side of the can, squeeze handles with your right hand and turn the knob with your stronger (left) hand. The opener ‘s twisting mechanism works in a counterclockwise direction which should make opening cans easy for lefties.

Because this opener cuts the can from the side there are no sharp edges on the lid or the can, and it has built-in tongs to hold the lid once it has been removed.


So, there you have it: 3 perfect can openers for lefties to choose from: one with no moving parts, the second – a classic top cutter (cuts the lid on the top), and the last one – a smooth edge can opener that cuts the lid from the side. Compare them side by side in the tables below and choose one that suits you the best.

Note. The faded out text in the tables shows what features are not available in the particular opener.

Best left-handed can openers
can opener for left-handed people
Best left-handed can openers
Best can openers for lefties

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Best Left Handed Can Openers