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The Best Can Openers for Everyday Use

It is important that the best can openers for everyday use would open cans effortlessly, would be easy to maintain and have a lifetime warranty.

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I believe that the manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty must produce a quality product, otherwise they would go broke filling claims. It is also essential that the manufacturer doesn’t require you to send the return overseas (as, for example, Toille Nogent – the maker of Super Kim can opener does) and pay for the shipping from your own pocket because in that case, it would be cheaper just to buy a new gadget. Related content  The best can openers with a lifetime warranty and Manufacturers’ warranty policies).

Most likely you will end up satisfied if you pick a can opener from the top 3 presented choices in the comparison tables. I own one of the recommended can openers myself and I am pleased with its performance. If you do not see what you like – feel free to explore our best-rated section where can openers are listed by opener type. I hope you will find a nice device that fits your needs.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase any of the products I have recommended, I may receive a commission at no cost to you. 

The 3 top winners for everyday use consist of 2 manual can openers (one that cuts the can on the top and the other one on the side) and an electric can opener that cuts the can on the top.

OXO SteeL is classic manual rotary style can opener with stainless steel blades and handles. The handles are partially covered with non-slip material for a good grip. The opener has a large knob that is easy to turn. It cuts the can on the top. Though it is not a safety can opener, it leaves a smooth edge on the can, yet it does leave a sharp (but not jagged) edge on the lid.

The Cuisinart Sco-60 is an electric can opener that also cuts the can on the top. The appliance is beautifully designed, and very sturdy. It grips the can strongly and the magnet doesn’t let it fall down. The activation lever is dishwasher safe.

Read more about OXO SteeL and Hammacher Schlemmer can openers in Best can openers: Top 5.

Rösle manual smooth edge can opener is made entirely of best quality 18/10 stainless steel. It is functional, stylish, hygienic, and safe. Because this opener cuts the can on the side – it creates a smooth edge on the can and on the lid. Built-in pliers allow picking up the lid after opening without touching it by hand.

Compare these best performers side by side in the tables below.

Note that the faded out text in the tables shows what features are not available in the particular opener.


manual can opener, top cutting
Superior electric can opener
manual safety can opener

3 Best Can Openers for Everyday Use.

best can openers for everyday use

Best Can Openers for Everyday Use