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 Best One-Handed Jar Openers: which one to choose?

(updated for 2024)


A one-handed jar opener (jar opener that can be operated by one hand) is a very convenient device.

It can be used not only by people with a disability but serve as a useful kitchen tool for everybody.

Usually, a jar opener requires you to hold onto the jar with one hand while twisting the lid off with the other hand. However, the holding hand might not have enough strength to prevent the jar from slipping, even if you hold the jar with a towel.

Some people got creative and use two loop wrenches to open a jar:  with one wrench holding the jar and the other one unscrewing the lid.  But it is so time-consuming and frustrating! Fortunately, there is an easier way to open a jar by using only one hand. All you need to do is to get an under cabinet jar opener which cost less than 2 loop wrenches. smile

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1. Under Cabinet Jar Opener

Most of the under cabinet jar openers look like a circle or some other shape made of plastic with a V grab system inside it. On one side of the V indentation, there are one or two rows of metal teeth that strongly grab the lid while your hand turns the jar.  

The opener comes with adhesive tape and screws to mount it under a cabinet. The holes for the screws are predrilled.


How to use under cabinet jar opener?

All of the undercabinet mounted jar openers are used the same way:

1. Hold the jar with one hand and position it in the V indentation of the jar opener.

2. Slide jar forward in the V as far as it goes. The metal teeth should touch the lid.

3. Twist in a clockwise direction (see photos in comparison tables below).

Under cabinet jar openers for one handed operation: what’s on the market?

There are several manufacturers for under cabinet jar opener on the market: 

Renee Chef,

EZ Off,

 The Grip (makes gadgets that look like EZ Off but cheaper).

See our related article about budget-friendly jar openers. 

Renee Chef can be used both ways:  handheld or screwed under the cabinet. It has just one row of stainless steel teeth to grab the lid. It works on lids up to 3.5″ in diameter.

EZ Off  jar opener is the star of the show! I own an EZ Off opener and absolutely love it. Since I bought it – I never had to call my husband for help. I was able to easily open a nail polish bottle, samples of paint with screw on top from Lowes and large pickle jars using this device.  EZ Off is able to open larger size lids (up to 6″ mouth jar) much larger than the Uncapped and Pampered Chef. Additionally, it has two rows of metal teeth for better grip and ease of jar opening.


Who can use under cabinet jar opener?

All mentioned under cabinet jar openers not only suited for one hand operation but also is especially helpful for people with weak hands, arthritis, and elderly.


Are there any drawbacks?

I do not see any negatives with this type of jar opener, except that it needs to be screwed under a cabinet, and a one-handed person might not be able to install it by himself, so he/she needs to call somebody for the installation.

The other thing is that under cabinet space might not be available if your kitchen has under cabinet lighting, though it might be possible to screw the opener under a shelf inside the kitchen cabinet.

Also, the person should be able to raise the hand with the jar to under cabinet level.


Other choices for one-handed jar openers

If you have decided that under cabinet jar opener is not for you, then there are 2 other options to consider:

1) Solo Grip one-handed jar opener,

2) hands-free ( battery operated or plugged into an electric outlet) jar opener.


2. Solo Grip one-handed jar opener

Solo Grip jar opener, instead of opening the lid, holds the jar tightly. Essentially it functions as a  hand that grabs the jar during lid opening.

Solo Grip is a wedge-shaped device made of white plastic with no-slip feet at the bottom. The inner wall has a non-slip rubber material that securely holds the jar or bottle.

You place Solo Grip on the counter, slide the jar in the wedge until it stops, and unscrew the lid with your hand in the usual manner.

An interesting thing about this gadget is that it can be combined with another jar opener. This allows you to unscrew the lid with a rubber gripper, loop wrench or another manual jar opener while Solo Grip is holding the jar.


Solo Grip can accommodate bottles and jars of all sizes.

Also, it is made in the U.S.A.

The things I do not like about this opener is that it takes a lot of space on the counter or in the drawer.

Besides that, you need to wash Solo Grip in soapy water, it is not dishwasher safe.

Because of the mentioned issues, and the possible need to use an extra jar opener to unscrew the lid – I can not say that this type of jar opener is as good as under cabinet competitors for one-handed operation.

Alternatively, you can get hands free jar openers: battery operated or an electric model that needs to be plugged into the electric outlet. They for sure can be handled by one hand.

To learn about this option,  read related article Best hands-free jar openers. You can find manufacturers instructions and manuals of mentioned openers and warranty information in our Resources section.

Following are comparison tables of under cabinet jar openers.  Check them out and get one that suits your needs.


3. Under cabinet jar openers comparison tables

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