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Best ambidextrous can openers (updated for 2024)

An ambidextrous can opener is a good choice for a family that has right and left-handed members. That way the tool can be used by any person with ease, so there is no need to have two can openers in the kitchen. Let’s take a look at the best ambidextrous can openers that exist on the market these days.

Though any electric can opener obviously will do the job (check out our best electric,  and best hands-free can openers if you would rather get this type of device), the information presented in the following comparison tables is about the best manual can openers that can be operated by right-handed or left-handed individuals.

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Best ambidextrous can openers include:

  1. Bartelli SoftEdge manual can opener (good)
  2. Starfrit Mightican manual can opener (better)
  3. Nogent Super Kim manual can opener (the best).

In all of the featured can openers the thumb-wheel needs to be turned toward you (counterclockwise) for left-handed individual or away from you (clockwise) for right-handed people. Some left-handed people find this arrangement awkward, but some say that it is pretty comfortable.

Bartelli and Starfrit openers cut cans from the side and leave a very smooth safe edge on the can and on the lid. They are also hygienic – the mechanism that holds the lid does not come into contact with food.

Bartelli can opener has some complaints about the difficulty of turning the thumb-wheel. That is why I would not recommend this manual Bartelli opener for people with arthritis.

Starfrit Mightican can opener, designed for both right and left handed users, is highly rated. Lot’s of lefties report that this can opener is very easy to use.

Starfrit has comfortable handles which allow for good grip. This makes it suitable for people with arthritis. 

Nogent Super Kim is a quality item made in France and comes with lifetime guarantee. (For warranty information visit our Resources section). 

The great thing about super Kim is that it can open irregularly shaped cans.

It crimps the steel during can opening and doesn’t leave sharp edges on the can, the lid will have sharp edges though. Also,you will have to hold the can with your other hand while using this opener.

Watch Super Kim in action:

Ambidextrous can opener comparison tables

And now you can compare manual ambidextrous can openers side-by-side in the tables below and pick the one that works for you.

Note. The faded out text in the tables shows what features are not available in the particular opener.  

best ambidextrous can openers
Best ambidextrous can openers

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Best ambidextrous can openers