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How to open a jar with a tight lid (15 genius hacks!)

How to open a jar with a tight lid (15 genius hacks!)

Learn some genius hacks on how to open a jar with a tight lid without a jar opener.  Need to open that jar of Marinara sauce for your Chicken Pepperoni dish sizzling on the frying pan but the stubborn jar lid just will not budge? We have all been there.  Sometimes we...

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Amazon reviews: proceed with caution

Amazon reviews: proceed with caution

To all my readers: when buying a jar or can opener based on 5 -star reviews beware that some Amazon reviews do not match the product that is supposed to be reviewed. The question I often get I like to get questions from my readers. And I always answer all inquiries....

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Why the EZ Off jar opener is the winner in my book

Why the EZ Off jar opener is the winner in my book

With EZ Off jar opener my quest to open a jar of pickles without help from my husband was over.A jar opener used to be my most hated tool in the kitchen. Each time when I tried to open a jar with a newly obtained gizmo I struggled and it always ended up in calling my...

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