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One Hand, One Tool: The Best One-Handed Can Openers on the Market

Looking for a way to open cans easily if you have limited mobility or strength in your hands? A one-handed can opener might be just what you need!

Opening a can of food is a task that most of us take for granted. However, for people with limited mobility or dexterity in their hands, this simple task can be quite challenging. In such situations, a one-handed can opener is a game-changer. 

One-handed can openers can be operated with just one hand. These types of can openers allow individuals to open cans independently without requiring assistance from others.

In this article, we will explore the best one-handed can openers on the market that anyone with limited mobility can use to improve their quality of life.

Let’s begin!

 *This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase any of the products I have recommended, I may receive a commission at no cost to you. You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

 1) Under Cabinet Can Opener – the best electric can opener for one-handed person


under cabinet can opener - best for one handed use

3 in-1 Under Cabinet electric Can Opener by ELITRA

In my opinion, an under cabinet can opener is the best one handed electric can opener.

Its easy-to-use swing grip and built-in magnet ensures safe and stable operation, so you can quickly remove can lids without any hassle. Plus, the cutting blade doesn’t touch food and leaves a smooth edge, making it safe to handle.

Another great thing about under cabinet can openers is that they plug into an electric outlet, so there is no need to change batteries. And when it’s time to clean, the blade assembly pops free for easy dishwasher-safe cleaning.

This type of can opener accommodates any can sizes, even large ones, so you won’t have to struggle with opening a can.

And that’s not all! An under cabinet can opener also includes a built-in bottle opener, which is perfect for one-handed operation. Additionally, the built-in blade sharpener allows you to quickly and safely sharpen your knives and blades.

However, there are some downsides to consider:

  1. It’s impossible to install with just one hand, so you will need to call someone for installation.
  2. It works best with flat bottom kitchen cabinets, though spacers are provided for cabinets with a trim.
  3. It cannot be installed if you have under cabinet lights,
  4. Since it plugs into an electric outlet, you need to ensure the cord reaches the outlet (the cord length is approximately 27 inches)
  5. There are limited options available on the market, with the Black&Decker Spacemaker being extremely expensive and no longer produced.  ELITRA  is currently the only brand I could find that makes under-the-cabinet can openers in the USA.

Overall, an under cabinet can opener is the best option for one-handed individuals because of its convenience and functionality.

2) Ratcheting can opener – the best manual can opener for one-handed operation

EZ SQUEEZE can opener

Chef’ n EzSqueeze One Handed Can Opener

If you are looking specifically for a one handed manual tin opener, the Chef’n EzSQUEEZE  ratcheting tool  is your best option. This gadget is cleverly designed, takes little space in the kitchen drawer, and is dishwasher (top rack) safe.

It offers truly independent one-handed operation.

 How to use EzSQUEEZE one-handed can opener

  1. Push button to release handles
  2. Squeeze the handles a few times to open the can
  3. Then, lift the lid with the magnet and you are done!

P.S. Recently, I received an email from a reader who complained about the Chef’n EzSqueeze can opener. He pointed out (and he’s not alone in this opinion, according to Amazon reviews) that the ratchet drive gears of the opener begin to slip or strip after only about four months of use. This happens because the opener is made with cheap parts.

It’s very disappointing, and I’m going to contact the manufacturer to raise awareness of this issue.

However, I still recommend the Chef’n EzSqueeze can opener because of its great design and convenience for one-handed operation. Unfortunately, I cannot find another manual opener on the market that suits the needs of a one-handed individual.

 3) Grab Opener – manual one handed bottle opener 

bottle opener for one handed operation

Grab Opener – One Handed Bottle Opener

Grab Opener is a one-handed bottle opener that got rave reviews on Amazon for its ease of use and thoughtful design.

This innovative tool requires very little pressure to operate and can be used with just one hand, making it an excellent choice for individuals with limited mobility or dexterity.

One of the standout features of the Grab Opener is its built-in magnet, which helps to prevent bottle caps from falling down after they have been removed. 

To use the Grab Opener, simply position the claw of the opener directly under the cap of the bottle, ensuring that it is centered properly. With very little effort, the cap will pop free thanks to the tool’s clever use of leverage, which amplifies the force of the user’s finger to make opening bottles a breeze.

Can Grab Opener work as a one-handed pull tab can opener? 

Some users say that is possible because the point near the finger ring is perfect for popping open a can.  And some reviewers argue that though technically it’s possible.the grab opener isn’t super effective for use as a one handed tab can opener.

Other Can Opener Types That Can Be Used for One-Handed Operation

Besides the best one-handed can openers mentioned above, there are other types that an also be operated with just one hand.

 4) Countertop manual can openers

types of can openers - heavy duty manual can opener

Edlund Countertop Manual Can Opener

Manual can openers that stay screwed to the countertop or the table are suitable for one-handed operation, though it takes practice to learn how to use them.

This kind of manual can opener is operated by turning a crank, which gives good leverage and makes can opening easy.

A drawback with this kind of opener is that initially somebody needs to screw the device to a hard sturdy surface because it would be an impossible task for a one-handed individual. In addition, in order to keep the opener ready for use at any time, it needs to be left attached to the counter, which might take too much space. Maintenance can pose a problem too. Also, it is the most expensive kind of opener, yet at the same time, it is a durable, heavy-duty piece of equipment.

The best opener of this type for home use is the Edlund Old Reliable #2 manual can opener, suitable for opening cans up to 7″ high (Old Reliable  #1 opener is for commercial use and opens cans up to 11 “tall). Any of commercial can openers that screw to the countertop will do a good job too but are more expensive.

 5) Automatic battery operated can openers

Zyliss hands free can opener

Zilyss Battery Operated Hands Free Can Opener

An electric battery operated can opener (also called hands free, one-touch, or automatic) can be a good one-handed can opener option if it works as intended.

It opens cans with just the push of a button.

The problem is that this kind of opener requires a frequent battery change, which might be hard to do with one hand.  However, it might be possible to install 2 AA batteries into the Zilyss automatic can opener by using just one hand.

Zilyss can opener cuts cans from the side which leaves a smooth lid edge and never touches the food. This makes the opener safe and sanitary.

In order to operate this device, you just need to place the automatic can opener on the top of the can with its rim positioned in the groove between the cutter and drive wheel and press the button to start it and again to stop it.

For more options check out Best hands-free can openers

You can find manufacturers instructions and manuals for the mentioned openers in our Resources section.

Final Thoughts on One Handed Can openers

In conclusion, for individuals with limited mobility or strength in their hands, a one-handed can opener is a valuable kitchen tool.

While there are various types of can openers that can be operated with just one hand, the under-cabinet electric can opener 3-in-1 tool stands out as the best option for a one-handed person. This innovative gadget not only makes opening cans a breeze, but it also serves as a bottle opener and knife sharpener. With its user-friendly design and versatile functionality, this tool is a must-have for anyone seeking an easy and efficient way to open cans.

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