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Hands-free can openers (also called automatic, one-touch or battery operated)  open a can with a push of a button. Since not much strength is required to use it, this type of the opener is a great choice for seniors, for people with arthritis or weak hands, and are also suitable for one-handed operation.

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Drawbacks of battery operated can openers

Unfortunately, hands-free battery operated can openers do not have as many positive reviews compared to other types of openers.

1) The biggest complaint is that this type of gadget is not able to cut the can or it takes going around the can with the opener 2-3 times to complete the task.

2) The other common annoyance is that the opener “eats batteries” ( so you need to keep lots of AA batteries handy) and it is noisy.


3) Also, the majority of automatic can openers are made by unknown manufacturers that offer no warranty and even do not have a website. Sometimes when a warranty is promised, it is impossible to find any information about the manufacturer, so, obviously,  there is no possibility to claim the warranty in case of a malfunction.  That is why none of the “questionable”  brands made it to our best hands-free can openers list.


Top 3 automatic can openers

After thorough research, we came up with the best performers in the battery operated  can openers category:

1. Zyliss EasiCan,

2. Hamilton Beach Walk ‘n Cut, 

3. Tornado  


yliss and Tornado are AA battery operated can openers that cut can on the side.

Hamilton Beach Walk ‘n Cut is a cordless can opener that cuts the can on the top. It comes with a battery charger: you need to plug it into an electric outlet to charge the battery, but must unplug the opener from the charger before using a can opener. If you ever need a new battery for Hamilton Beach opener, visit our replacement parts section

See information about the best performing openers at glance in the tables below.  If you want to read instructions how to operate and care for the openers before buying it, visit manufacturers’manuals page in our resources section.

A word of caution. If you decide to buy  an automatic can opener on Amazon that is not mentioned in this article  because you saw hundreds of 5 star reviews – please be aware that sometimes automated battery operated can opener reviews do not match the product listed for sale. Please, read my in depth article on this issue. It is especially important if you are gifting a can opener to somebody, because your loved ones might get a piece of junk.

Zyliss EasiCan


– works on 2 AA batteries;

-just push a button to start and again to stop;

-cuts from the side, leaves a smooth edge;

-works on any size can;

-sanitary, blade doesn’t touch the food;

– easy to clean – wipe with damp cloth;

-compact, store in a drawer;

– perfect for people with arthritis , can be operated with one hand;

-comes in 2 colors:red and green;

– 2-year warranty;

– see it in action here



Hamilton Beach Walk ‘n Cut (model 76501)


– automatic shutoff;

-cuts can on the top;

– magnet lifts the lid after cutting;

– to clean: remove cutting assembly, wash and dry;

– opens cans of all sizes, works better on tall ones

– perfect for people with arthritis , can be operated with one hand;

-compact, store in a drawer;

– noisy

-1 year warranty



Tornado can opener


– works on 4 AA batteries;

-just push a button to start and again to stop;

-cuts from the side, leaves a smooth edge;

– promised to work on any size or thickness can;

-sanitary, blade doesn’t touch the food;

– easy to clean -wipe off the surface with damp cloth;

-retrieval magnet lifts the lid;

– perfect for people with arthritis , can be operated with one hand;

– 1-year warranty;

– see it in action here

A note. There is now ( in 2019)  a new and improved version of Tornado automatic opener – Tornado F4. It features automatic shut off and works on  3 AA batteries, but it is still very new and reviews are mixed, that is why the older model is featured.

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