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This website is the result of a woman’s quest to open a jar of pickles without help from her husband. 🙂


Hello there!

You probably wonder, why on earth would somebody create a  website about jar and can openers?

The short answer is (take a note, guys!) – because those openers empower a woman in the kitchen! 🙂 And you want your woman to feel empowered and not needy, don’t you?

I am a slender woman who likes to cook. And though I prefer to make everything fresh and from scratch, there are times when I need to open that jar of pickles or a can of olives. And guess what?  Previously, oftentimes it ended up with calling my husband to help me.  (Heck, I sometimes needed to call him even when I was getting an already opened jar from the fridge if the lid got screwed on too tight).

The can opener was another pet peeve of mine. Seems like every year I was buying a new one, and even if it was working in the beginning, it started to fail after few months of use. Anyway, jar and can openers used to be the most complained about tools in my kitchen. 

Over the years, first by trial and error, and later with internet research, I found  jar and can opener that work the best for me, so my kitchen life now is frustration free. And I wish you the same! 

In case you are wondering what tools I ended up with and personally can attest that they are great kitchen gadgets: for a manual can opener – OXO SteeL can opener is a winner for me. As for a jar opener, my search was over when I bought a metal Brix JarKey jar opener for opening vacuum sealed lids and  EZ Off for screw top lids.

But everyone has different individual needs. That is why I present you with well investigated condensed information (and being a researcher by trade I explore things really thoroughly) that will make the hunt for your perfect gadget sweet and easy. 

Truly yours,


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