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A beer can opener is a useful tool to keep in your kitchen drawer, man cave, or your car glove compartment.

This gadget can be used not just for opening canned beer. You can open any beverage in a can (soda, cola, juice, soft drinks, seltzers, canned wine) with a beer can opener.

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2 types of beer can openers

There are 2 kinds of beer can openers:

1) tab can openers

They assist in pulling tabs on the beverage cans to allow you to drink beer right from the hole in the can.

These can tab pullers save fingernails from getting chipped from opening cans. 

I bet you have seen many can tab openers, they oftentimes come as an add-on in some can and jar opener kits.

My favorite (and lots of customers according to reviews agree with me), is a  Brix J Popper.

2) beer can openers that take the whole lid off and turn your can into a cup. They belong to a special kind of manual smooth edge can openers called topless can openers because they take the top of the can off.


Topless can openers

There two main players on the market in this category

1. Draft Top Opener: fully patented, made in the USA, this beer can opener cuts the top from the can creating a smooth edge safe for drinking right from the can. The downside is that the can top is pushed inside the can. so it’s lying on the bottom of your can while you drink your beverage. Are you comfortable with that?

2. BFELYCPO Beer Can Opener -Soda Can Opener (Handheld Safety Can Opener for 8-19 Oz Beverages) is another  version of topless beer can opener that takes the can top off and leaves no sharp edges on the can.

Both these openers will work on domestic, imported, and craft beers, as well as on other canned beverages.

Unfortunately, ratings on this kind of beer can openers are not that great. Some people love them/can’t live without them, and some customers hate them. 

The most frequent complaint in Draft Top opener is that the opener blades become dull and with time it takes more and more turns around the can to open it. Some people are annoyed that beer is spilling from the can while opening and some comment that cans get crushed while opening a can.

One of the most common complaints about Akeplon can opener is that it leaves a sharp edge on cans.

But a topless beer opener is a cool novelty item and makes a perfect gift for your beer buddy. It also serves well for impressing your friends on a tailgate party or camping trip. 

If you are creative and crafty, you can use an empty beverage can with a smooth edge as a small flower vase, or as a container for pens and pencils, or for keeping fresh herbs in the fridge. And if you are a gardener, you can plant small plants in the topless cans or start your seedlings in them.

Beer Can Openers Comparison 

Compare features of beer can openers side-by-side in the comparison tables below and get one that suits your needs the best.

draft top beer can opener

Draft Top Opener

– topless can opener

– made of plastic with food grade stainless steel blades

– works with all types of beverage cans (up to 12 oz), even slim cans

– safe (creates smooth edge)

– small size and lightweight

– patented

– can be used by right or left handed people

– made in USA


u shape topless smooth edge opener

BFELYCPO Top Can Opener

– topless can opener

made of plastic, blades are from food grade stainless steel 

– safe (creates smooth edge on the can)

can be used on most 8-19 oz beverage cans  with top diameter 1.98 – 2.087 inches

– lightweight

– small size: fits in back pocket

– ambidextrous: suited for right and left handed individuals

– sanitary – the lid doesn’t drop into the can


Brix tab can opener

Tab Opener

– tab can opener

– made of plastic

– will not rust

– easy to use


– durable

– comes in multiple colors

– works on any size of the can

-protects drink from bugs


How to use a beer can opener

  1. Hold the bottom of the can with your hand.
  2. Pull the handle and place the can opener flat on the top of the can.
  3. Squeeze the handle and quickly rotate the can.
  4. If the opener gets stuck, make a rotation in the opposite direction.
  5. To remove the tool, open the handle fully and slightly rock the top to open.

Watch the YouTube video how it’s done.

Beer bottle openers

Do you prefer to drink beer from a glass bottle instead of a can?

No worries.

I have two awesome suggestions for cool beer bottle openers – Pop the Top beer bottle opener (just push it down and pop the bottle cap off) and wall mount beer bottle opener with magnetic cap catcher.

These beer bottle openers are sleek & fun, and make the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for men who love beer.

beer bottle opener -pop the top

Pop the Top beer bottle opener (offered by Amazon)

wall mounted beer bottle opener

Wall mounted beer bottle opener with magnetic cap catcher (offered by Amazon).

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