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Why the EZ Off jar opener is the winner in my book

With EZ Off jar opener my quest to open a jar of pickles without help from my husband was

A jar opener used to be my most hated tool in the kitchen. Each time when I tried to open a jar with a newly obtained gizmo I struggled and it always ended up in calling my husband to help me. I didn’t like it. I wished I could stop wasting money on jar openers that do not work, and finally find a tool that would easily open a jar. Also, I wanted a device that would help both hands, because very often I didn’t have enough strength in my hand to hold the jar from turning and sliding on the counter.

I felt like such a weakling in view of the fact that most jar openers are advertised for seniors and people with arthritis and I was neither, yet I could not open a jar. I was relieved when I read  Black and Decker’s statement in their marketing study for the electric jar opener Lidz Off:

 The general population – especially women – constituted the primary market because of difficulty in opening jars, particularly lids on vacuumed sealed jars. Secondary markets included the elderly, people with physical disabilities and children.

So,  I am speaking to women here, if you cannot open a jar, nothing is wrong with you. A lot of us struggle with this task. But, with the right kind of jar opener, the strife will be over!

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After dealing with many poor performers of jar openers realm,smile I finally found a tool that truly works. It is EZ OFF jar opener.

10 reasons why I like EZ Off jar opener

 Besides that it opens jars quick and easy why do I like it so much?

  •  Since I got it – I haven’t called my husband to open a jar even one time. YES!smile
  • I can use both of my hands while opening a jar.
  • EZ Off opens jar lids of any size.
  • It is a useful device in the household. I was able to open nail polish bottles with it (I do not know why I often have trouble unscrewing those tiny bottles).  Also, EZ Off can be used to open safety caps on pills – just push up and hold it pressed up while turning the bottle. I even used it to unscrew an old previously opened Lowes paint sample lid that  had been glued shut forever with dried paint.
  • It doesn’t take space in the drawer or on the counter but nicely tucked away under the kitchen cabinet. If you do not have space under the cabinet – EZ Off can be screwed under the shelf inside the cabinet. I do not know how convenient that will be though. Because this device requires having some empty space under the opener for easy access and use.
  • It doesn’t cost much.
  • No maintenance is required.
  • It is made in the U.S.A.
  • It carries a lifetime warranty.

Who is EZ off for?

 I think that it is a great jar opener for everyone. EZ Off is especially good to have for anybody with weak hands, also for people with arthritis, elderly, children. EZ Off is also suitable for one-handed operation. I just need to note that if you are not able to raise your hands to the under cabinet level – then this kind of opener is not for you.


How to install EZ Off jar opener?

EZ Off jar opener

EZ off comes with sticky tape. You will need to unpeel it and stick the jar opener under the cabinet. It will hold even with this adhesive tape, but the manufacturer advises to screw it with 3 screws that come with the opener, so it can be securely attached under the cabinet. The holes for the screws are predrilled in the opener.



How does EZ Off work?

Lift a jar with one or both hands, slide it in the V groove toward V point as far as jar will go. EZ Off has 2 rows of hardened steel teeth (harder than stainless steel that will wear out with time) that strongly bite the lid. (Look at the picture in this article header for a close-up view).

All you will need to do – is just turn the jar while holding it with one or both hands.


Is there an alternative?

There is another under-cabinet jar opener that looks like and operates as EZ Off  but at a cheaper price. It is OxGord jar opener.

It comes as a set of two openers.

The only difference I see is that unlike EZ Off that has hardened metal teeth, the OxGord opener has stainless steel teeth which can wear out with time.

Read more about QxGord jar opener in Best budget-friendly jar openers.

But I love my EZ OFF. I know from my own experience that it works, that is why I recommend it.

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Final thoughts on Ez Off jar opener

When I got EZ Off, my search for a jar opener that allows me to open a jar of pickles without any help from my husband was over. With this tool – I am an empowered woman in the

So, if you are searching to get for yourself or your loved ones a jar opener that will last a lifetime and will actually work – look no more! 

Get EZ Off jar opener today! You will be glad you did.

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EZ Off Jar Opener