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Amazon reviews: proceed with caution

To all my readers: when buying a jar or can opener based on 5 -star reviews beware that some Amazon reviews do not match the product that is supposed to be reviewed.

The question I often get

I like to get questions from my readers. And I always answer all inquiries.

Because one particular question repeats quite often – I decided to write a blog post, so all jarandcanopeners website visitors can benefit.

Note. This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

The question goes like this:

Why don’t you recommend some of the jar and can openers that have almost all 5 star reviews on Amazon?

My answer:

It is because I care about my readers. I make thorough research and go through reviews very carefully.

I want you to become aware that some jar and can opener reviews on Amazon (especially battery operated ones) do not match the actual product that is supposed to be reviewed.

I am not alone in spotting this issue. This is what Business Insider wrote:

  • Some Amazon product listings have thousands of reviews describing a different product than the one that’s for sale.

  • According to BuzzFeed, some sellers are changing listings to advertise different products from the ones the listings were originally created for, taking advantage of the good reviews a particular item has built up.

  • This practice is prohibited by Amazon terms of service for sellers.

See for yourself

Updated  December 28, 2020

1. Take a look at the glorious, more than 776 customers reviews for V -LXRONG battery operated can opener. It turns out that the majority of those reviews  are actually about clothes pegs and some furniture pieces.

Some unsuspected customers that believed high ratings without going to trouble to read reviews and got the item in December of 2020 tell that the opener doesn’t work at all. 

2.  Electric can opener by Vivibyan (with Instecho logo on it (Instechno is known for hijackings threads with high ratings for the last 3 years) is actually hijacked thread with 3044 reviews of a laundry conditioner.

The reviews of the electric can opener itself are pretty sad. Read them here.

3. Here is another Chef’s Best choice electric can opener by Asingleer (looks exactly as Instecho #2, but in wine color). While scrolling and reading reviews, you will discover that 8357 customers gave high rating for other items, but not to this can opener.

At this moment I can see at least 4 more battery operated can openers with an “N” on the button (Instecho logo) that hijacked high rated products threads, but I just got tired to list them. You got the point, though. Stay away from can openers with “N” on the button (or at least read through the latest 100 reviews to see if they correspond to item you are buying).


Below is original part of the article written 2 years ago. The reviews of the mentioned items are now: 

  • indeed matching the items sold, or
  • the page was removed from Amazon, or
  • product became discontinued, or
  • another high reviews item thread was “hijacked” 

I decided to leave the part of the article below the way it was written to raise the awareness that review “hijacking” is possible and can move from one thread to the other, and it is always a good idea to scroll down to confirm that the reviews are really matching the item reviewed before making a purchase.

4. Here is the other electric jar opener by Koyrau – more that 900 reviewers, almost all 5 star reviews. But when you look at reviews closely- they are about wire shelving units, not about the jar opener. Weird, isn’t it?

5. Moving on to can openers: according to the product picture and description you might think that more than 1200 reviewers were satisfied with Instecho battery operated electric can opener, but in reality they were reviewing a waffle maker.

6. One more example of Instecho “switcharoo” smile : you assume 800 customers were praising red Intecho battery operated can opener, yet reviews are about MalloMe tumblers.

7. And here we go again: another battery operated electric can opener made by Dopa (with Instecho brand on the picture though wink).  Again near 600 reviews, almost all of them 5 stars. But are they reviewing this can opener? You guessed it – nope. The reviews are about a candy thermometer.


And the list can go on…

I do not know about you – but something tells me to stay away from Instecho can and jar openers.wink Common sense, perhaps? smile

And, with my clear conscious I can’t recommend such products to my readers.

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Additionally – no one product recommended on this website was ever returned. On the other hand, few openers that were not recommended, but bought by customers just because they saw a majority of 5 stars reviews without realizing that reviews do not match the product, were returned because of poor performance.

I do not blame customers that didn’t have time to go through all reviews before buying an opener, who has time for that these days? That is why niche websites like exist – make thorough research to simplify your buying decision.

In conclusion

I want you to be aware of existing  problem: in some instances reviews on Amazon do not match reviewed product.

And, please, remember, when you are buying a product from Amazon – look past 5 star rating, scroll down and actually read the product reviews.